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5280 Pipeline provides full service excavation and demolition for any size project.

excavation services from 5280 pipeline
excavation services in denver metro, dirt mover and trench digger

5280 Pipeline provides full-service excavation and demolition services to residential and commercial clients in complete compliance with local ordinances and established best practices for safety, quality, and project control. Excavation services go hand-in-hand with underground water and sewer pipeline replacement and rehabilitation. Our excavation expertise combines the correct equipment and project controls with years of experience to ensure that each job is done correctly, efficiently, and per OHSA safety standards and applicable regulations.

We work with general contractors to clear sites, grade and level lots, dig basements and foundation trenches, septic tank holes, and remove dirt, rock, and debris from sites. For residential homeowners, 5280 can dig trenches for new wet utilities and uncover in-place pipelines with controlled confidence. Once construction activities on pipelines or structures are complete, we carefully backfill excavated areas and then return landscaping, grass, or other surface treatments back to their original condition.

excavation services, dirt mover and trench digger

5280 Pipeline owner, Michael Johnson, leads excavation site assessments with a project consultation to identify situational specifics and pre-plan all construction activities with complete estimates and project schedules. Michael then leads on-site activities with a keen eye on work management for safety and regulatory compliance. Anytime excavation work requires laborers to enter an excavated pipeline trench where sandy or unstable soils are present, a large trench box is placed in the trench to ensure that they are completely protected from trench collapse while working.

5280 Pipeline works with commercial contractors, residential home builders, and homeowners to understand individual excavation needs and establish project parameters and expectations upfront. We will provide clear communication on the process, the equipment used, the costs, schedule, and regulatory standards that affect your project before starting any excavation project regardless of the scope of complexity. Trust 5280 Pipeline for all your earthwork, site preparation, and project excavation needs.

excavation by 5280 Pipeline

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The work began with grading my yard, deciding where to put retaining walls, and figuring out how much lawn I needed. Michael Johnson at 5280 Pipeline listened to my needs, asked lots of questions, and helped me understand how many different elements from plants and trees to retaining walls and the curved garden stairway would all come together. The results are stunning, and I am so pleased with my low-maintenance landscaping that is beautiful all year long.
Janis Couverly
Littleton Homeowner